14 August 2013


 Itai Argaman discovered his musical world as a young boy, writing his first orchestral composition at the early age of 15.
Later on he was exposed to electronic soundscapes, and started developing his own unique signature sound.
During this period of development Itai discovered the world of frequencies and sound engineering and took it one step further with his unique approach and vision.
Using these capabilities Itai creates new sonic dimensions; morphing, twisting and sculpting sounds into a complete musical journey.
These days Itai is composing cinematic scores, producing, engineering and designing sound in his own studio.
Itai's first Album -- 'My Little Forest' was released in 2009, reaching an ever-growing worldwide audience, exposing them to his art and passion.
His message of an artistic world without boundaries has begun to seep into the fabric of our existence.

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  Androcell is the enveloping, electronic dub-infused music project of music producer and artist, Tyler Smith. 
Since 2003, he has been producing and engineering his own organic-meets-electronic music expression of effects-heavy sound frequency manipulation using knowledge gained over 15 years of studio sound creation. 
Having a deep passion for fusing a multitude of music styles, instruments, and cultures, Tyler continues with his studio-as-instrument approach in creating emotional and immersive sound productions. 
After three full-length albums plus various compilations, EPs, and remixes to the name, the Androcell project stands as a firm embodiment of his sonic exploration.


Andrei Oliver Brasovean Aka Atma is one of the pioneers of electronic music in Eastern Europe. Born in Transylvania and now living in Germany, he started to produce techno music in 1991. 
Few years later he focused his productions mostly on trance and psychedelic music. 
Known around the globe for his unique style and his "full live" performances,.... and with more than 18 years of electronic music production, and hundreds of live performances on both: techno & trance scene, ATMA made his entrance between the most established names in the electronic music scene. 
With his long musical background and the experience of working other musical styles he developed a totally unique style of trance music. 
Deep melodies, perfect harmonies, psychedelic sounds and pumping basslines, it's his "new definition" of the trance dance music. 
After the great success of his first two solo albums, “Beyond Good & Evil” (Geomagnetic.Tv) and "The Secrets Of Meditation"(Y.S.E / Millennium Records), Atma is back in business with his brand new album, "Music Revolution"(Bmss Rec), released in November 2011. 
Beside his trance projects, Atma works as music composer for commercial bands (house, techno, dance, pop, rock, hip hop..) and also as a film music producer. 
On the international scene he played at festivals and parties all around the world: Dubai (U.A.E), Germany, Denmark, Swiss, Austria, Italy,U.K, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Chile, Slovakia, Czech Rep, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Russia, Usa, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Ireland ...




Tomasz Balicki Aka Atmos

It all started in the early seventies when a young boy saw television for the first time. 
Instantaneously fascinated by different soundtracks and jingles, a deep interest for music was born. 
After a short bedroom dj career, Tomasz decided to produce his own music and thanks to a natural talent, he released his first single in 1996 on Pablo Gargano’s label, EVE records. 
It sold very well and gave him both zest and confidence to strive for more. 
His influences from electronic and ambient-rock music like JM Jarre and Pink Floyd quickly formed a style that was to make him one of the most successful producers in hypnotic and atmospheric trance. 
Under this trademark, Atmos had released 4 albums, loads of singles and has countless appearances on compilations but more important - his music has been embraced, played and loved by such a broad spectra of people, ranging from the top 10 djs to aspiring bedroom djs all over the world. Tomasz has also been touring all parts of the world, to every possible kind of event, for well over 11 years now and with great success. 
His sense for merging rhythm programming with delicate strings into a well-produced groovy sound is guaranteed to make everyone get down to the dance floor and that has made him an installment to count on in events all over the place. 
For now he is working on his 5th album so keep ears and eyes open for another milestone in trance music.



12 August 2013

Astral Waves / Dj Zen

Short Bio

 Astral Waves is Gabriel Descoutieras, also known as DJ Zen & Idael. 
DJ Zen was born in France but is established in Quebec, Canada, since 1996.
At an early age and thanks to his family, he was exposed to all kinds of music.

In 1995, he discovered Goatrance music through a couple of djs\friends who had traveled to Goa, India. This magical music playing on DAT mesmerized him, so he started to buy cds and trade DATs and Mini Discs to learn djaying while occasionally playing in small private parties to jump-start his career.

DJ Zen's first official mix and compilation was released on September 1st,2003."Peace_Therapy_Vol.1 " features 9 exclusive downtempo tracks compiled for the joy of every psybient adept. It contains 3 tracks composed by DJ Zen, two featuring
Khetzal , and a remix DJ Zen did for Sneila, a Romanian artist/ musician.
In 2008, DJ Zen released a solo album,"Mystique", under Astral Waves and more recently "Magique"
DJ Zen's label : Altar Records  

11 August 2013


 John Rigas (aka Alwoods) was drawn to psychedelic music when he began Djing more than a decade ago. Within the last three years John began pursing music production.
Learning to write, compose and studying the technology used to craft the sounds he was seeking. Over time his skills evolved and he began producing psytrance as Atreus.
Now John steps forward as Alwoods with “Aeolian Mode”.
For this album, Alwoods draws inspiration from his love of nature, the elements, and his time spent in the Greek mountainside. Natural sounds, bright atmospheres, and pulsing energies create a wondrous audio experience that fuses morning sounds with deep ambience.
Aeolian Mode is an album full of soft driving beats wrapped in thick psychedelic auras that is perfect for stimulating the energies of a new day.

10 August 2013

Agent Kritsek

Agent kRitsek is Alex from Greece, born in 1981.
Started producing from the early 1996 just for fun after doing piano lessons for 8 yrs
and discovered electronic music.
After playing in few free events in Greece and in various web radios and local stations
decided to focus more on the progressive trance project.
Started producing and experimenting more in the progressive melodic goa sound from the year 2006
 Always expressing my feelings throughout music the message through this
progressive melodic trance project is to travel as far as possible to places the mind can't reach.
  In 2012 joined Savva Records with big promises and better music to come in future.


Behind Aqualize project are Vladislav Koumpatidis and Anastasio Koinis from Greece, better known as Aquafeel and Normalize.
The production of this project started in the year of 2008 when they decided to create something different than they usually do for their own solo projects.
Their first release, "Land of 2 suns" by Iono Music has been one of the most played track on progressive floors in the festival season 2009. 
The melody in this track is unique and close to what people name, a trance hymn.
During their still short career, they have several tracks on various compilations, much more to be released and the upcoming album.
Their sound is rich, melodic and creative. It generates a positive vibe in both home listening and for sure on the dancefloor. 
Top notch production ensures a very high quality product.


Being born in Siberia in 1989 and having moved to Greece in the beginning of the 1990s the raw euphoric power of nature is ever present in Vladislav Koumpatidis’ aka Aquafeel’s music.
Aquafeel, who first started to experiment with psychedelic trance and the possibilities of various sequencers in 2006, and had his first release,Trust EP, on Spintwist Records no less than two years later, can be described as a natural musical genius.
His first live set at legendary Indian Spirit Festival in 2008 opened the way for his musical career, and today Aquafeel is a frequent favorite at various European psy trance festivals and parties.
Aquafeel personifies the hallmark of bittersweet melodies in perfect resonance with deep suggestive baselines. 
This, along with his touch and feel for tricky details and interesting grooves, takes the listener on a journey into deep melodic progressive trance.
Further, together with Normalize, Aquafeel is one of the masterminds behind Aqualize. 
Their first release, Land of 2 Suns has become one of the most played tracks on the progressive dance floors and have by some been called a true trance hymn.


 Aiodaya are Aioaska (Austria) & Suduaya (France). The progressive psytrance duo started in 2011, after the guys met at Life Celebration Festival, Croatia.
Back to Austria, they make a first track together and the magic appears instantly; a wish to make more tracks becomes like an evidence.
After touring many years as a DJ, Aioaska released his debut album in 2011 “Into the Cosmic Jungle” (Midijum Records) and his psychedelic and shamanic sounds combines perfectly with the atmospheric and melodic vibes of Suduaya, who released as well his debut album on the same year “Dreaming Sun” (Altar Records).
The guys are touring respectively and intensively in parties and festivals all over Europe, to name a few, Spirit Base, Life Celebration, Spiritual Healing, Somuna, Transylvania Calling...
They are now part of BMSS Records, with their first release as Aiodaya, the “Grounded” EP